Additional Coronavirus stories from the web 

Links to stories from around the globe of survivors, warriors and tragedies told by victims' families.

Miracle Larry picture.jpg

From the New York Times- Miracle Larry story by Jan Benzel

64 year old man spends 51 days on ventilator and survives- Miracle Larry, story by NYT Heather Sten

7 year old Port Arthur boy.jpg

From A 7-year-old Texas boy on ventilator for 12 days

Port Arthur, TX 7 year old boy contracts COVID-19 story by Connor Perrett

Elderly caucasian man wearing hand made

From the New York Times- When Covid-19 first hit Europe, many elderly were left to die, story by Matina Stevis-Gridneff, Matt Apuzzo and Monika Pronczuk

Nursing home patients in Europe were left helpless and abandoned.

New York City

Coronavirus updates: From ABC News, New York state's positivity rate reaches new LOW! story by Jon Haworth, Ivan Pereira, and Meredith Deliso

Although New York state is still under some limitations, they are slowly moving into a stage 4 phase of re-opening, due to an all time low of new positive Coronavirus rates.

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