12-year-old Virginia 7th grader infected with COVID-19 ends up in ICU with MIS-C.

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

MIS-C stands for Multi-system Inflammatory Syndrome. Recently the CDC recognized this new syndrome in children and teens associated with the Coronavirus. (YOU WILL WANT TO READ THIS STORY IF YOU HAVE CHILDREN- THIS STORY INCLUDES A NEWS REPORT FROM WCYB-CHANNEL 5 NEWS IN HONAKER, VIRGINIA ABOUT LIA AND MIS-C)

Amelia "Lia" Beck, 12 years old, 7th-grade student, Honaker Virginia (Lia shown above in the hospital)


On Friday, October 16th, Lia woke up with fatigue, weakness, and just not feeling the best; I said it was probably from a late-night softball practice she had the night before, so she went to school. By Saturday, October 17, she had developed a severe headache, lost her sense of taste and smell, had extreme weakness, body aches, and just felt terrible.

On Sunday, October 18, I took her to the local urgent care and they told us that Lia just had a virus and refused to test her for COVID-19, the NP said they would not test for COVID unless I could tell them for sure that she was exposed to a COVID positive person; even though she had all of the symptoms they continued to refuse to test her. I took Lia on Monday, October 19th to a drive-up hospital (Russell County Medical Center) for testing; they swabbed her and we were notified the next day October 20th that her test was positive. Through contact tracing with the health department, we determined she had contracted COVID-19 from school.

The health department placed our entire family on quarantine. Lia has 2 sisters: Alissa "Ali" Beck age 10, and Adison "Brook" Beck age 9. Lia, her sisters, my husband Brian Beck, and I were all placed under quarantine. From October 20th until she was released back to her normal activities out of quarantine, her symptoms were actually very mild. Other than a headache and fatigue which were daily, Lia did not develop any other problems and we felt like she had recovered well. She went back to school and all sports on October 28th. (She played in 4 softball tournaments, several basketball tournaments and never had any lingering problems from COVID.) She felt fine!!

On Wednesday, November 18, Lia again began to feel terrible, body aches, high fever of 103.8, headache, weakness, and fatigue. On Thursday, November 19, I took her to her pediatrician because of how bad she felt. He rechecked a COVID test (which returned negative), did a chest x-ray, and said all looked fine; he reported that she probably just had a virus that has to run its course. On Friday, November 20, I took her back to the pediatrician because Lia had developed severe right-sided pain and her fever was still over 103 despite Tylenol every 4 hours. The MD took blood this time and said that there was only slight elevation in the CBC; he took a urine culture and stated that he felt like she had a UTI; Lia received a prescription for an antibiotic and began taking that the same day. Saturday, November 21, she felt even worse! She began to have shortness of breath, the right-sided pain had begun to extend across her abdomen and she felt scared. We called back to the pediatrician to ask if we could bring her back for another visit however the nurse said that she probably felt bad due to the antibiotics that she was on and to call them Monday if she did not feel better. Sunday, November 22, Lia felt even worse, her entire body was painful, she felt confused, and she began to vomit, developed diarrhea, and her fever was still 103.8. My husband and I took her to Bristol Regional Medical Center Pediatric ER; she was evaluated and then they transferred her 2 hours away to East Tennessee Children's Hospital in Knoxville, TN.

Lia was diagnosed with MIS-C at ETCH; the infectious disease MD told us that it was a component from her original COVID back in October. By the time she arrived in Knoxville, TN, Lia was found to have severe congestive heart failure that was induced by the inflammation that was attacking Lia's body. Her heart was the most affected; her pancreas, brain, kidneys, colon, and liver were all significantly involved. She was immediately placed in PICU where she remained from Monday to Thursday evening. She received IVIG and steroids to fight the MIS-C; she received a heart medication Milrinone to provide support for the contractability of Lia's heart to help it pump effectively to accept the immunoglobulins (IVIG). Lia developed anxiety, she was afraid, and she asked us daily if she was going to die. My husband and I did everything we could to calm her and to keep her mind off of everything. On Thursday, she turned the corner and only showed positive improvement. They stepped her down to a step-down unit on Thursday evening and out of ICU!!! We were discharged from the hospital on Friday, November 27.

We do not know the long term effects of damage to Lia's heart; we continue to follow a cardiologist in Knoxville; we were able to see a significant improvement of her ECHO and EKG on her last visit to the cardiologist. Her blood work shows that her CRP is almost undetectable and that the inflammation is almost completely out of her body. Lia can not play sports at this time; we do not know yet if that will ever be a possibility; she has to receive a cardiac MRI at Vanderbilt in March or April to determine the long term damage to her heart. We are in high hopes of a full recovery!!

Our advice: educate yourself with all of the knowledge about COVID and any other components of COVID; if you have children, please monitor them if they have been diagnosed with COVID or been around a COVID positive person. MIS-C is dangerous; education is the key to saving your child's life. Do not assume that only kids with underlying health problems acquire this!! Lia is an athlete, she has never been sick in her life; she has never taken antibiotics because again she has never been sick; she is up to date on all of her shots. She was strong and very active!!

In closing, I want to say thank you... we were blessed to have had tons of support from our family and extended family; Lia plays for the Rage travel softball team and her entire team came to the hospital and stood under her window every day she was in the hospital with signs telling her that they were in this fight with her and to be strong!!! That support meant everything to us!!! THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS- THE BECK FAMILY

Click here to read Lia's story on contracting MIS-C (Multi-system Inflammatory Syndrome) on WCYB- Channel 5 News (Honaker, Virginia) and what you should know about it, regarding your own children.

Lia Beck in a school photo- just a healthy 7th grader

Could you imagine this being your child? Scared and very sick! Lia asked often if she was going to die.

Lia in happier, healthier days!

Before she was touched by COVID-19

Beck family: Ali, Kristi, Brook, Brian, Lia

Just a normal, innocent family: The Beck's celebrating

Halloween the day Lia got out of quarantine.

October 27th, 2020.

The 3 Beck sisters, Brook, Lia, and Ali

Lia's "step-down" day... being moved out of ICU, as she has improved greatly! Shown with her Doctor. You cannot imagine our relief on this day!

Happy Holidays 2020, from the Beck Family: Please don't think that COVID-19 doesn't affect children or teens... we are proof that this is just NOT true. We are blessed that Lia is here to tell her story. We wish you happiness and good health during this Christmas season and in the new year to come!

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