36 year old Florida City Commissioner hospitalized with Covid pneumonia talks about her battle.

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Jessica Davis, 36, First Black Woman Elected, City Commissioner, (DeLand, Florida)

In Jessica's own words, written June 3rd, published June 5th and updated on June 10th, she told The Volusia Beacon, about her battle and hospitalization with the novel Coronavirus:

Around May 7, I began feeling like I might have been coming down with a common cold.

Whenever I feel like I am about to have a cold, I start preventative measures. I told myself I would continue my home remedies of tea, soup, over-the-counter medicine, and if I wasn’t feeling any better, I would go to the doctor the Monday after Mother’s Day.

On Mother’s Day, May 10, I was extremely fatigued — none of my methods were working. I mustered up enough energy to show gratitude and appreciation to my husband and daughter, who were doing their best to cater to me.

They brought me breakfast in bed. I ate what I could, and then took a nap. For dinner, my husband ordered take-out from a restaurant and brought me dinner in bed, and I opened up my cards and gifts from them.

I pretended to be feeling okay, because my daughter was so excited to give me the necklace that they bought me, and she had been keeping the surprise from me for a few days.

URGENT CARE, THEN THE HOSPITAL "ALONE."... read Jessica's battle with Covid-19

Jessica, DeLand City Commissioner, shown with her husband Mario and daughter, Marissa.

Jessica below, all smiles in her 'hospital selfie", on the day of discharge. (Happy to hear the news she would be discharged)

Upon discharge, Jessica had to quarantine from her husband and daughter for 3-4 weeks and could only see them through Face-Time, until she tested negative.


Jessica's great grandfather, Mr. John Bell, known to the community as "Daddy John"

passed away at age 93, in a local nursing home, on August 12th, due to complications of

a Covid-19 infection.

"I love you Daddy John and will cherish the many valuable lessons you instilled in me. Muddah, your dear and devoted wife misses you and we will all make sure we take good care of her and we will get through this together. No more suffering for peacefully now and thank you" Love, Jessica

Jessica and her "Daddy John" at Jessica's graduation from Florida A&M University in

Fall 2008

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