49 year old Tampa, FL Sales Manager wants you to know how a Covid-19 infection can change your life.

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Steve talks about his experience with the novel Coronavirus, through video, hyperlinked into "my story" below.

Steve Samudio, age 49, Sales Manager, (Tampa, Florida)

My first experience with the virus, started July 8th of this year. My symptoms were mild at first. Runny nose, mild coughing. I actually thought I had a sinus infection. Eventually my symptoms got worse. My coughing intensified. I was running a fever of 101 degrees. The body aches were unbearable and extremely painful; the headaches that I was experiencing were horrible and no medicine could touch them, they went on for days. I noticed sores in the inside of my mouth. My gums were inflamed as well. I was diagnosed officially "positive" on July 16th. My experience completely changed my way of life.

I realized my own mortality. Everything I had accomplished in my life meant nothing. All I could think about was had I infected my elderly parents, Joe age 76, my mom Julie, age 80; I worried about my siblings as well, John ,53 and Jeff, 46. I could have possibly exposed them before knowing that I was positive.

It was a constant battle, with the negative thoughts that continued to run through my mind, all fueled by "fear". I, like others, had heard true stories of people like me that were put in a coma induced state and on a ventilator, or worse, they didn't survive their battle with Covid-19. Thoughts of dying, and thinking this was how my life was to end kept replaying in my head when I would close my eyes. Being in bed for so long and being sick for over a month, I was in a very, dark and lonely place. All I could do was cry. And I continued to pray daily, asking God to take this sickness from my body and to calm my mind.

The prayer began to help me, and eventually the thoughts left me, and I felt my strength and faith that I would recover, coming back.

Once I recovered, I changed my whole lifestyle. I no longer drink alcohol, I'm taking my vitamins every morning, and I'm eating healthy. So in a way, this has changed me in a positive way. I'm so grateful to be alive, and I'm now closer to my loved ones than ever before.

I was blessed that I never had to go to the hospital; I practiced breathing exercises every day to strengthen my lungs. It took me almost five weeks to fully recover.

Prayer, and remaining positive (once I emerged from the darkness) is what I believe helped me to recover without medical intervention. I also was taking, Vitamin D, magnesium, Vitamin C, drinking a lot of orange juice, Zinc, krill oil, A-10,000, N-Acetyl Cysteine and elderberry. I continue to take it everyday. At the writing of this story, August 23rd, I no longer have any COVID-19 symptoms or after effects. I hope me telling others my story, can help others with their battle with Covid-19.

On one of the days that I felt the worst, I had a severe headache and felt drained.

A month after recovering, feeling better and loving life! Blessed to be here.

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