67 yr-old CT daughter & her 90 yr-old father contract COVID-19 & pass within weeks of each other.

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

"My mother took care of my grandfather in life and now they are together in heaven..." Sissy Gonzalez

Our Pop, Warren, and our mom, Deborah pictured here together in happier days, before their lives were touched by the novel Coronavirus.

MY TRIBUTE TO MOM AND POP: by Keren "Sissy" Gonzalez, Age 46 Philadelphia Pennsylvania,

Our Pop-Warren Coughlin Sr., age 90 died April 29th, 2020 of COVID-19. He lived in a nursing home in Glastonbury, Connecticut. (Our family called him Pop.) He was the best dad and grandfather ever.

He loved his sweets and orange soda.

My mother, Deborah Coughlin, age 67, who was a nurse, took care of him and visited every day in the nursing home. In mid to late April, grandfather was presenting signs of pneumonia, and my mother's nursing instincts kicked in and she requested that the nursing staff test my grandfather for COVID. The first test came back negative.

As days went on, he wasn't getting any better. He declined so much that he was at "end of life" and we were waiting for hospice to take care of him. They tested him again. Sadly, his positive results came back 30 minutes before he took his last breath.

Our mom, Deborah Coughlin, his daughter, died May 16th, 2020. She was a nurse from Glastonbury Ct.,

She worked in several nursing homes in Connecticut. She had no underlying medical conditions. She contracted the Coronavirus from going into the nursing home to say goodbye to our grandfather (her father) after the first result, which was negative according to the nursing home staff.

My mom had double COVID pneumonia, which she tried to heal from home. May 1st, my mom ended up in the hospital with a 105-degree fever and vomiting. They put her on a bi-pap mask but she could breathe on her own. May 6th, that changed: she was put on the ventilator, at her request, as she knew she could not breathe.

My five sisters and I -( Trina, Rose, Maria, Stephanie, Isabella) and her husband of 20 years, Tommy all came together through Zoom and video chat with doctors, to make decisions for our mother. We requested everything and anything we researched, to help our mother survive, but COVID was too strong and in the end, it took her from us. She developed blood clots in her heart and her kidneys were failing.

On May 16th, she was taken off of the ventilator, because the hospital considered her brain dead. We watched our mother die through Zoom. It was the hardest day of our lives. We now have to learn to live without her.

She was a strong woman with a heart of gold. She was the glue to our family. She was the one who took care of everyone and now she is gone. We are heartbroken. We had a memorial in October but I feel like we will never have closure.

It is heartbreaking the amount of loss families are experiencing. I have joined several support groups to help me with my loss and to help me with my grief. This whole thing has traumatized our family.

My mother took care of my grandfather in life and now they are together in heaven... My mom was a beautiful person inside and out. She and Pop will forever be missed. (My mom's husband Tommy and my sister, Isabella, also contracted COVID-19, but we are grateful that they both survived)

Mom and her dad during a visitation celebration at Pop's

nursing home.

Mom and the love of her life, her husband, Tommy

Our Pop...we love and miss him dearly!

Mom and I, enjoying time together: I will miss

these moments.

Our beautiful mom enjoying the sun and the sea

My sons Angel and Alex with mom on Mother's Day.

Family, the most important gift that you will ever be given.......hug them a little tighter tonight....

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