BEAR WITH ME.........

I am waiting on approval for ACDF neck surgery and have been unable to work due to the pain. Writing the stories has become a bit harder, but I AM still writing. I haven't forgotten about you all... I will have something in a day or two.... BE BACK SOON!

Just wanted you to know.....

In the mean-time... please feel free to come to join our FACEBOOK GROUP, THE CORONAVIRUS FORUM, and talk to other Survivors, Warriors, Long-Haulers, Family of those who have sadly lost loved ones to this horrible virus. If you believe it's real and/or you have had it, you are welcome to join us. Click on the site name and join us.

If you have a story or experience to share with me, email me at

Thank you for being part of my blog!!! Best wishes, Carolyn Andrews/Founder/Writer/Blogger- True Stories of Covid19

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True Stories of Covid-19

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