We are all in this together- Survivors, Long-Haulers, Warriors & Loved ones of COVID-19 victims.

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Carolyn's story:

I am a Staffing professional, (for the past 22 years) who is also a mom of a wonderful now 24-year-old son, and a grandmother of two beautiful grandchildren, ages 2 & 4. I have been in the Staffing industry for over 20 years; (18 with my current company)

I was drawn to the Coronavirus and the way this virus affects people in so many different ways, first with my own family and then work friends, distant relatives, and finally groups of people that I found on Facebook. Many of these people are not sick for just a couple of weeks; they have COVID-19 symptoms for not just a few weeks, many are going on 2, 3, 4 months of being sick or longer.

I decided to help the COVID-19 community, by getting your stories out there, and by helping you write them, and by telling others about your personal experience with this horrible and in some cases, life-changing virus.

I want you to know who I am and that I am in this fight with you. I will help support those who have suffered a COVID-19 infection, through my Truestories blog. We are in this together and in sharing your stories, I hope to be able to bring others together, who feel secure and comfortable leaning on others for support, who have gone what they have gone through.

For those who wonder: This is a non-profit blog (it actually costs me money to keep it running, but I keep it running, as it's a passion of mine, to help your voices be heard. ) We also support the blog through helping you wear badges of courage through our COVID-19 Survivor/Warrior/Long-Hauler & In Memory of Shirts and Bracelets. We also carry cups & decals,. Once again, we make little money on these, my sister creates the designs with her husband in Georgia. What little money we raise, goes back into this blog.

Watch my recent YOUTUBE video on why I am here for you!

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