Young, healthy Sacramento resident, in her late 20's gets a deadly case of COVID-19.

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Phoenix was hospitalized 3 times from April to October , and on a ventilator in September, for 3 days... she is now a LONG-HAULER... being coughed on by a COVID-19 positive person has now changed her life.

Phoenix, Crystal, late 20's, currently unemployed: Sacramento, California

True Stories of COVID-19 Q&A with LONG-HAULER, Phoenix, Crystal:

What month did your symptoms first begin? February of 2020.

Did you get a positive test result? YES, I felt my first symptoms in February and was tested by Sutter Medical Center in March, and found to be positive for COVID-19.

Were you hospitalized? YES , 3x... The first time was in early April at Sutter Medical Center in Sacramento, the second time at Kaiser in Sacramento, in June and again at Mercy General in Sacramento in September. The first time was 9 days, the second time was 2 days, and 16 days the final time (this final time, I spent 3 days on a ventilator) I was just discharged on Friday October 2nd.

Did you lose your taste or smell? Not at first but after my diagnosis, yes .

Do you know how you contracted COVID-19? I was coughed on, in the face by another COVID-19 positive individual.

What symptoms did you first experience?   I had a high fever of 103.5, a dry hacking cough, severe shortness of breath, chest pain, chest tightness, hypoxia, loss of taste and smell, sore throat, extreme fatigue, headache, hair loss, and skin rash. I'm now considered a Long Hauler , in the COVID-19 community, and cannot recall everything accurately, as I suffer from cognitive issues. Those were my first symptoms, but over the past few months, a number of days have been a blur.

Recently I was hospitalized at Mercy General in downtown Sacramento with tachycardia (heart-rate over 100 beats per minute) and a partially collapsed lung. I was on oxygen and was also on a ventilator for 3 days due to a worsening of my condition. During this hospital stay, I was in for 16 days.

Are you recovered ? NO

Were you able to return to work? NO

What was your worst symptom/symptoms? The shortness of breath and the cough were my worst symptoms.

What advice do you have for someone who has not gotten COVID-19 yet?  Please take this virus seriously. It is NOT a flu or a cold like everyone makes it out to be. This virus CAN and DOES kill people. Wear your mask, practice social distancing, and stay home as much as you can. Stay safe.

Are you experiencing after-effects ?  I have lung damage. Scar tissue in both lungs (fibrosis). I also have problems with maintaining normal oxygen levels on my own. I still have a cough but it's no longer non-stop. I also still struggle with a shortness of breath.

Phoenix, age 9 with her Aunt Tammy, who raised her.

Aunt Tammy: You are an amazing human being, who has always been there for me and still continues to be there for me even now. Your love for me is unconditional and I am so grateful to have you in my life~ Phoenix

Phoenix, hospitalized, on oxygen and alone

See, even young and healthy ARE vulnerable to this virus!!

Happier, Pre-COVID-19 days

Phoenix, Mountain trip in January 2020- PRE-COVID-19

January 2020, Mountain trip with her friend Krystal & her fiancé', Tyler.

Being silly with Rhiannon in July 2019. (COVID-19 wasn't in anyone's vocabulary at this time)

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