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Thanks for the add I am a survivor !

Didn’t feel good March 20,was at work felt like flu, had a work meeting on March 18,one guy was sick coughing etc, sick in bed all weekend coughing so bad I was throwing up, chills,temp101-103,on March 23 went to hospital tested positive for Covid, they were going to send me home thank god I had a coughing fit and they kept me, Wednesday I was put on a ventilator and induced coma,for 13 days, I hallucinated bad dreams dreamt things that didn’t happen,had hydocloroquin, put my heart in a fib,

Kidneys shutdown, blood. Clots in my jugular, removed catheter from neck to groin then blood clots in groin put catheter in chest straight into my heart,pneumonia,sars,was put on dialysis,high blood pressure,my family was told to say goodbye over the phone no visitors,they proned me removed secrations from my lungs and fluid,still have aches in joints ankles hips,glad to be alive celebrated my 57 birthday aug 20

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